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Anonymous asked:
how do u sleep at night?

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Anonymous asked:
i was trying to figure out how all ur posters went viral all the time but now that i see u have 50k followers its probz not that hard for u ;p

Hahaha! The mystery is solved!!!


you-and-i-to-the-end-of-time asked:
Ohmigod, I love your blog!<3 just thought I should tell you that.(:

Thank you sooo much! :DDD

You’re a sweetheart ♥♥♥

Why does everyone think I’m a girl still?

Ugh :( ?

Anonymous asked:
do u ever think ur haters are mean to u cuz they're jelly that ur tumblah famouz?

invisibleandweightless asked:
Thanks for all the love, doll!

No worriessssss ♥♥♥

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